"Falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you vain or selfish. It makes you indestructible."

Once upon a time, finding the perfect beauty salon seemed as unlikely as safely colouring your nails or adding length to your lashes – until now. Enter Nadia, and the Bat Your Lash team who are here to deliver on innovation, aesthetic and results. With all our treatments toxic-free, plant-based dyes (Henna), mineral makeup and plant-based skin care products; we are indeed at the forefront of the clean movement.

While most salons are crawling with chemicals, Bat Your Lash has teamed up with non-toxic suppliers to ensure your pores never soak in harmful pollutants.
Imagine how thankful your body will be when it experiences polish that doesn’t chew through the keratin (nail bed), lash extensions that encourages growth, wax that doesn’t cause ingrown or blemishes and makeup that lets your skin BREATHE! Hallelujah!
Toxic-free to us equals your health – and of course, we have put that as our number one priority.

We understand your skin is delicate, so it needs to be treated with tender love and care.  Especially when we look forward to a beauty treatment, we expect it to be safe and relaxing. Being chemical free means we apply makeup, henna, nail polish, gel polish, wax and lashes without any nasty side effects. 

Wellness has come a long way since zumba classes and juice cleansers. Today wellness is all about accessibility, longevity, future proofing your health and taking genuine care of yourself, holistically. Everyone from high-powered corporate women to time pushed mums are now prioritising a nourished mind, body and spirit. The results are increased energy, revitalised stressed out bodies, increased productivity and more effective society.
Unlike any other boutique we speak to you with delicacy and romanticism through colour. How? Our door is painted in the soft hue of lavender; a pigment proven to bring out your feminine energy. As you move through the ethereal, the soft notes from wood and brass instruments filter the space, encouraging the heart rate to calm. Gentle LED lights glitter like a soft starry night to avoid waking the mind. Our mission is to rid the body of anxiety, stressors and distractions with environmental cues that are proven to calm and relax. Plush velvet chairs are nestled next to a welcome tray with a pot of digestive tea. Our difference from any other boutique is our methodical and deliberate preparation of your mind before treatment. We are big fans of ‘wellness’, taking care of number one (you) so that you are better equipped to balance your life and enjoy your journey. 
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