Luxury Nano Mister


Luxury Nano Mister. Latest model (slim/sleek design).

The Nano-Mister usies ultrasonic vibration technology (16,000 vibrations per second) to spray a super fine mist (0.3 micron particles) meaning the particles touch and moisturise every part of the skin.

Quickly and effectively cures (hardens) the eyelash extension adhesive while re-hydrating your client’s lashes and the eye area. The ultra fine mist of moisture will help cure the adhesive immediately. This means, no more waiting the usual 24 hours before getting eyelash extensions wet. The Nano Mister technology helps the glue to quickly harden and form a waterproof encasing.

Benefits of using a Nano-Mister:

* Increases the drying speed and improves the bond of the glue

* Removes glue fumes from the area around the Clients face

* Increases the bonding time of the eyelash extensions

* Hydrates and moisturises skin / refreshing feeling for the Client

Features of this Model:

* Sleek/Slim Design, Light/Portable

* 6ml Water tank to save constant refilling

* Clever slide down design starts the spray (no buttons etc)

* 30 seconds auto shut off time (to prevent overspray)

Use distilled water only. 

Included in the Package:

Nano Mist Sprayer x 1

Charging Cable x 1

Plastic Refill Bottle x 1

Instructions x 1

Setting Up:

Open the back cover and use the Fill Bottle to fill the water container. Seal the water container with the silicon lid and close the back cover. Gently shake the Nano Mister before use.

Recommended use:

Hold the Nano Mister approximately 15 cms away from the eye area, move the nano mister back and forth across the eyes for between 15-20 seconds

Product Information:

* Voltage DC 5V (use the USB to charge from a computer or USB Charger Plug)

* Product Size 111*37*24mm

* Spray Speed 0.6-0.8ml per 30 seconds

* Water Container 6ml

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