CLASSICALLY RUSSIAN Premium Rapid Adhesive 5ml


CLASSICALLY RUSSIAN Premium Rapid Adhesive 5ml

Classically Russian is our new super fast lash glue, recommended for Russian Volume only! This eyelash adhesive sets and polymerises in 0.50 seconds.

How to store glue
For best results it is advisable to store in a fridge or a dark, cool place between 18-19 degrees; in an upright position. An open bottle lasts up to 6 months but once opened no need to put in the fridge, just a dark space. We highly recommend using a fresh bottle of eyelash extension adhesive every calendar month to ensure freshness.

How humidity affects glue
Humidity affects workability of the adhesive.

Classically Russian best performs in humidity between 50-60%. If the temperature in the room is 21 degrees and humidity 50-60%, the lash adhesive will set in 0.05 seconds.

** If the temperature is higher, the adhesive will lose its normal texture and will become lumpy and gooey, also impossible to work with.

How to use glue

Shake the bottle for 20 secs from side to side (not up or down) To place the droplet of glue onto the surface of choice, turn the bottle upside down and let it drop naturally. Do not squeeze the bottle as it will trap air in the bottle and spoil the glue quicker.

As this is a very quick drying glue, we recommend to dispense a new drop of glue every 10-15 min for best results, otherwise, the glue will become too tacky to work with. Shake bottle before each new glue droplet. Make sure you wipe the nozzle with tissue after every use to avoid glue build.

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