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Cruelty free lash extensions

Bat Your Lash invests in products from companies that share the same ethics. Lashes, cleansers and adhesives are vegan. Our synthetic lashes are synthetic silk lashes made from high-quality poly-fibre that is safe for the eyes. The “silk” aspect refers to the softness that the false lashes imitate.

Henna Brows

All we need in life is for natural, fuller brows without the commitment of permanent tattooing (Can I hear an Amen?). At Bat Your Lash, we tint brows with Henna, a 99% natural plant pigment (Praise).  It’s also free from “peroxide activators,” so it’s a great alternative if you usually suffer from sensitive skin or irritation.

Bio Sculpture Gel and Evo

If you enjoy jazzing up your nails, and it’s part of a regular routine, then it’s our duty to ensure the safety of your nails. Bio Sculpture polish is vegan, non-toxic, world’s first medical-grade formulation and oxygenating gel for your nails. The cherry on the top is that it prevents dehydration and softening of keratin.

Body Wax

Wax on.  Wax off. We remove those pesky hairs around your gorgeous arches with an Australian based vegan beaded wax. Of course not tested on animals, it contains the most beautiful natural products including almond, coconut, olive and peach oils.

Sienna Bay nail polish

Are you looking for a vegan polish that you can remove yourself easily? Say hello to Sienna Byron Bay polish. We take great pride in offering a PETA and ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ certified (CCF) brand that is entirely evangelistic. Still, the buck doesn’t stop at vegan – Sienna Byron Bay polish is free of Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor, xylene, tosylamide, benzophenone-1.

Bat Your Lash Aurum cleanser

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Salt by Hendrix

Being kind to the world, and being kind to your skin is made possible with the plant-based skincare range, Salt by Hendrix. Our treatments often incorporate their scrub, oil or crème specifically for its nourishing and rejuvenating effects.

Eyelash tint

For our fellow vegan warriors, Refecto Cil is our secret weapon that strengthens the colour of your lashes.  We adore Refleco Cil because they are cruelty-free and free from p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) (whippee no allergic reactions).

Jane Iredale

Hydrating, anti-inflammatory makeup that soothes blemishes are not words commonly associated with skin coverage, but Jane Iredale’s vegan product range is micronized mineral makeup that contains no fillers, and is non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores or cause black heads) and cruelty-free.

Bat Your Lash


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