"Since I was little, I had one vision – to make a difference.  The ambition to become the owner of one of Melbourne’s most unique boutique was the path to making that vision become a reality. "

Vegan and cruelty free? ✓

Chemical free? ✓

Eco-friendly?  ✓


Zero waste? ✓

You find yourself asking, “what kind of girl in the beauty industry cares more about others and the environment, than herself?”.  Well – not all beauticians are vain. My family upbringing was based on a culture where values and virtues were the centre stone of every action we did. This meant any cry for assistance was like batman’s hologram symbol in the sky. My duty was to fly to the rescue.

I was brought up to volunteer and surrender my time to assist others.

I truly believe that service is the rent we pay for the privilege we live on this earth (not to mention it grounds you).

…now before I continue, let me quickly point out that I was brought up in a small community in Perth.

So you can imagine my shock when I moved to Melbourne, let’s just say this Dorothy wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Melbourne was a different zoo to the garden I knew back home.  So why did I move to Melbourne? You can call it my early life crisis. I was ready for the challenges that Melbourne had to offer.

Luckily I had packed my ambition and motivation to make a difference in my new city.

Beauty was something that I adored, however, I wanted to recreate and reeducate the beauty industry – with a bang. I became the owner of Bat Your Lash, and with that, I began to create a space that was vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable and with zero-waste. 

I always felt, why live a life hurting others and the planet if you don’t need to. Simple as that!

… I later found out it actually wasn’t that simple (go figure).

I realised I didn’t have all the answers to becoming sustainable and needed to reeducate myself…not to mention everything better for you came at an extra cost. For someone who was brought up with the values to help, I couldn’t believe an additional charge was placed on goods and services that protected the planet. Not to mention an extra fee for healthy and safer options for everyone else in it. And so of course, I had to give myself the extra challenge, didn’t I?

I chose to do something, no matter the cost.  Why? Think of it as the gym, the harder you work out, the more results you will see.

My boutique today is an eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and zero-waste oasis. I have achieved a 6-pack if we still referring to the gym analogy. #gains. 

To end on a more serious note, I did encounter many challenges to get to where I am today. That is why I am so grateful to my beautiful team and to every client that walks through the doors.  Together we can make a real dent against the use of chemicals, plastics and animal products in the beauty industry.

 Finally, I endeavor to go back to my volunteer and community work, reconnecting back to when I first started.

Inclusivity: inclusivity is a priority of Bat Your Lash.  We have responded to the needs of all women; creating a boutique that can welcome any race, religion, lifestyle or gender. We stock nail polish by Sienna that is breathable and water permeable also making it suitable for people of Muslim faith. Our services are cruelty-free and many of our products ideal for vegans. Our mission is to continually explore opportunities to broaden our scope in inclusivity, having our boutique accessible to all.

Looking after Mother Nature: our goal is to help you create positive consumer change in your life. Majority of our products are Vegan, this means our products are not tested on animals or derive from animal products. Our greatest joy is being a completely eco-friendly salon and vegan boutique.

Customisable Beauty: on our path to celebrating all types of people, we challenge the status quo of beauty.  As trusted advisors in the industry, we wish to remove labels that are based on features and characteristics and foster an inclusive perception, that everyone is fabulous in their on way.

Mindfulness: Everything we do is FOR you. We aim to help you achieve optimal nails, brows, lashes, skin and health, and empower you to feel confident in your own skin. Our boutique is designed to make you feel removed from the frenzy of life and feel transported into your private Melbourne oasis

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