our planet

Our boutique is a collective of amazing people striving to build a better world

Our beautician’s practice a modern way of life that we have termed ‘living with intent’. This means we don’t prohibit ‘living’ – we want you to enjoy life, and that may include having your nails done! However, with ‘intent’ we mean taking a moment to consider where you get your beauty treatments. Instead of booking with any salon, we encourage booking with a salon that has purpose.  As an eco-friendly boutique, we work to promote a green way of living that includes conserving energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. Our efforts are to benefit the environment, slow down global warming, and avoid the deterioration of human health. 

Taking care of the earth

We are mindful about the lifecycle of our products within our salon.  So, as part of our mission to keep a close eye on the waste we produce, we have teamed up with Sustainable Salons to repurpose our plastics, waxes and tints. More so, the tools we operate are given a second chance of life, with all possible parts salvaged and reused.

Bat Your Lash is part of an oragniastion that are putting the planet and community first.  Every time you have a treatment with us, a small Green Fee of $2 will be added to your service bill. This contribution allows us to continue being a sustainable salon while maintaining a high quality of service. 

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