Henna Brows and Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo – Don’t be misguided by the word ‘Tattoo’, because this treatment stays far away from pain and needles. In fact, it’s one of the most natural procedures you can do.

Once upon a time, the Ancient Egyptian used the Henna to dye everything from hair to materials and skin- but in today’s society, it is the latest trend in beauty, and most specifically, brows.

So, where does this tint come from? The Henna derives from the Henna plant, that is then ground down to create varying shades of brown. Unlike Henna used for body decorations, brow Henna only has to leave-in for 10-20 minutes instead of a few hours. It subtly tints your skin and hair, so you have more shape and definition. Yes, you may have a scary day at the beginning of a Henna Brow tint, where the colour is darker than you are accustomed to, but that is only because the pigment is still oxidizing after the treatment is complete.

In all of thirty minutes, our Bat Your Lash brow specialists will shape your brows by waxing and tweezing them into shape before adding the “natural plant pigment,” for the fullness. Our treatment includes the application of soothing oils that will quickly calm any redness from the wax. Yes, the brow technicians at Bat Your Lash ensure you are ready to step out of the boutique and face the rest of your day.

What to expect from the Henna? After 24 hours the tint colour settles leaving you with peroxide free coloured brows. Even after washing your face, you will look like you just had a traditional tint. Stare in the mirror and bask in the glory of thick, filled brows that don’t have a “pencilled-on” appearance, but rather a soft natural hair like feature – that is natural.

Natural means it’s a great alternative if you usually suffer from sensitive skin or irritation. This painless and effective treatment lasts approximately three weeks- and from $55, it’s safe to say you will want to convert.

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