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Eyelash Extensions

Not one of the best, they are the B E S T! Incredible talent. Lashes to perfection. Over 2 years, not one damaged natural lash. Constantly getting complimented on my lashes! Can't live without. You're paying for a quality technician and the best products on the market. Not to mention the level of professionalism and the gorgeous, fresh, calm and quirky boutique salon! Sensitive skin, never fear! From someone who's allergic to everything, I've never had so much as an itch! Cannot recommend highly enough X
      -Ebony Laposta, October 2014

I have traveled and had lashes done in the 'best' salons around the world, I rate Bat Your Lash as the best! I have been going to this salon for 5 years and travel all the way from Lorne. I book three months ahead as the girls are so popular, I'm always worried I won't get in. I've had tattoo enhancement in between my lashes which looks amazing and just makes my lashes look thicker. The girls here are so good at what they do... My lashes look so natural and I couldn't be without them. Thank-you Bat Your Lash
      -Sonia Hill, October 2014

The girls at Bat your Lash are experienced and very friendly. I have been going to them for over 2 years and wouldn't think about going anywhere else. Plus, the location is extremely cute and clean. I receive compliments on how nice and natural my eyelashes look all the time. I almost don't want to recommend this place for fear I'll never get in again. If you want high quality eyelashes that look stunning this is where to go.
      -Jonelle Heacock, January 2014

I get my lashes regularly done by Molly and her staff - and they are perfect, every single time. The new salon is also such an amazing, clean and quirky space - and Molly is very gentle, and meticulous in her application. I highly recommend Bat Your Lash. I'm due for top eyeliner tattooing very soon, and can't wait!
      -Pauline Dellit, November 2012

Best lashes and tattooed eyeliner in Melbourne, Molly is so professional and makes you feel so comfortable the whole time. I have had eyelash extentions for two years and could not live without them! Molly's new salon is also a must see!! 10 out of 10 from me!!
      -Elwyn Wilkie, May 2012

I found that with these lash extensions i felt a lot more confident without makeup, and used less makeup as a result! Boosted my confidence and i was a really happy camper.. Molly is great and always takes her time and takes pride in her work.. Thank you Molly! I will be coming back for my lash extensions again!!
      -Christina Rehana, April 2011

The quality of Molly's work is amazing. My lash extensions were regularly mistaken for natural lashes. They also survived weeks of carelessness, including Cambodian trekking and bouts of hayfever-induced eye-rubbing.
      -Anonymous, January 2011


Cosmetic Tattooing

So pleased with my eyebrow and eye liner tattoos. Molly has a talent for enhancing the natural lines of the face and the end result looks very natural and flattering. Her professionalism is very important to her and she is able to be gentle and empathetic at the same time. The salon itself is meticulously clean and the gorgeous decor hits just the right note. I couldn't recommend her business highly enough.
      -Abigail Bolton, August 2014

Molly is just amazing. She somehow managed to make my almost non existent and naturally uneven eyebrows fabulous. Molly has the patience of an angel and is just a lovely person and a total perfectionist. After having had two bad experiences with eyebrow tattooing elsewhere, I would highly recommend Molly.
      -Chanel Hinch, February 2014

I am thrilled with the results from my cosmetic tattooing with Molly. I had been thinking about getting my brows and top liner done for such a long time but had put it off because I thought it would be too painful- with Molly's calm approach and numbing techniques I didn't even notice any pain, the strangest part is that it almost tickles on the inside rim of your eyes. With such a steady hand Molly's result is so even and the look is quite natural, it just highlights my features and frames my face beautifully. I've had so many friends and family tell me how well I look and even ask if I've had a dermabrasion or filler, as it makes me look fresher. I've been so happy I've gone back to get my bottom liner done.
      -Katie Pawlik, November 2012

Thank you Molly for my beautiful eyebrows, the difference they have made to my face is amazing. The colour match is perfect, and the shape is stunning, if I had known the difference that they have made I would have had then done sooner. Thank you Molly.
      -Di Danckert, March 2012

Had both eyebrows and top eyeliner cosmetic tattoo done by Molly- I found it a painless comfortable experience and the results are AMAZING. Looks so natural and just brings out your features and gives you a 'made up' look 24/7! Thanks Molly you have given me so much confidence and saved me hours of make up application!
      -Elena Likopoulos, September 2011